Communal Freeview & Satellite system

Here we have a recently completed an installation of a communal Freeview and Satellite TV system on Woodlands Road in Glasgow’s West End.

KD Comms firstly removed all dead equipment and temporarily fixed live equipment to the scaffolding while roofing and stone work was being done. We fitted a rig for TV and Satellite using a tile piece and 2 inch steel mast, cabling down front and rear elevations, terminated in a single gang socket just above skirting level.

We then installed galvanised conduit through close from consumer unit to loft space and to carry 230v power and separate earth cable for TV equipment, and terminated using a metal clad fused spur in loft and 16A breaker in box.

All 8 flats now provided with Freeview TV and two-input Satellite access in living room and Freeview TV and single-input Satellite facility in each bedroom. The front facade and roof of this west-end tenement now look much neater thanks to removing all dead cabling and only having 8 cables down the front in a tidy fashion.

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